The ISIL-Assad connection

Sky News:
IS Files Reveal Assad's Deals With Militants

Islamic State forces pulled out of Palmyra in co-operation that has been going on for years, documents handed to Sky News show.

Our exclusive investigation into leaked secret IS files suggests one piece of co-operation was over the ancient city of Palmyra.

The files also show that the militant group has been training foreign fighters to attack Western targets for much longer than security services had suspected.

The revelations underscore fears in the United States that a network of sleeper cells is spread across Europe, avoiding detection, and is planning further Paris- and Brussels-style assaults.

IS defectors, meanwhile, have told Sky News that Palmyra was handed back to government forces by Islamic State as part of a series of cooperation agreements going back years.
The Assad regime has also been one of the biggest funders of ISIL by buying oil and other products from it.   While they have also sold oil on the black market to Turkey, Puting has only been critical of those sales and not the ones to Assad his ally.

The West needs to rethink its strategy in dealing with Assad and ISIL.  They appear to be two sides of the same coin.


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