The cost of a Trump victory

Jim Geraghty:
Sure, a Trump victory would leave Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the entire Democratic Party in utter despair – and if you’re a conservative, that thought probably makes you smile!

The problem is that I don’t want a less leftist version of Obama’s executive-order-prone, Congress-ignoring, government-expanding, tax-hiking, IRS-abusing presidency. I want limited government, smaller and less expensive government, more individual liberty, and a strict adherence to the limits on government power enshrined in the Constitution. I want Rick Perry’s vision of a Washington D.C. that is less and less relevant to the lives of average Americans*. Ultimately, I want politics to reverse the intense entanglement from pop culture that started with MTV’s “Rock the Vote” in 1992 and go back to being the land of the nerds and policy wonks – leaving governing to the people who actually care about the issues at hand. Make Politics Boring Again!
Those who have sold out to Trump because they see him as a "fighter" will be disappointed with him should he win.  He is more of a deal maker than a fighter and is prone to taking bluff positions in anticipation of a deal.


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