The case for a third party candidate

Robert Tracinski
I have always argued for a fair amount of optimism about the ultimate outcome of our political battles—but this year is certainly grounds for a greater degree of pessimism. I have criticized those who think they are above the unpleasant task of voting for the lesser of two evils—but this year I can’t figure out which evil is lesser. And I’ve been contemptuous of third parties, which I regarded as futile endeavors in our political system. Now, after Donald Trump has effectively secured the Republican presidential nomination, I think we need a new third party right away.
Even if it is unlikely to win, it is a better choice than voting for two people many believe to be dishonest.   My own feeling at this point is to just not vote for the President and concentrate on voting for down ballot races.

One of the things that makes this move more likely is the typical Trump response to those who have a problem with his candidacy.  Lashing out at those who are reluctant to embrace his hot mess of a campaign only hardens attitudes and makes it less likely people will overlook his flaws and vote for him anyway.  Both Trump and his rabid followers are making this mistake.


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