So far there are no takers to run against Trump and Clinton

Washington Post:
Inside the GOP effort to draft a third-party candidate to derail Trump

Desperate anti-Trump Republicans are seeking an independent challenger but keep hearing “no.” Mitt Romney, the 2012 party nominee, is joining the effort to coax reluctant spoilers with only a few weeks left to launch a viable bid.
The calculation of such an effort has to be one that denies a majority of electoral votes  to Clinton and Trump and throws the election into the Congress they would have to win enough majorities of each state delegations to win.  It is an understatement to say that is a heavy lift.  While some recent polls show a close contest between Clinton and Trump where both still have less than 50 percent of the vote, those are in swing states, and they did not include any potential third party ticket.  The third party ticket has to win at least some electoral votes to deny a majority.


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