Russia to test stealth nuke capable of destroying France or Texas

Russia is preparing to test-fire a nuclear weapon which is so powerful it could destroy a whole country in seconds.
The "Satan 2" missile is rumoured to be the most powerful ever designed and is equipped with stealth technology to help it dodge enemy radar systems .

This terrifying doomsday weapon is likely to strike fear into the hearts of Western military chiefs, as current missile defence technology is totally incapable of stopping it.

Its official name is the RS-28 Sarmat and it will replace aging Soviet R-36M missiles, which NATO military experts nicknamed "Satan".

"In this sense, the Sarmat missile will not only become the R-36M's successor, but also to some extent it will determine in which direction nuclear deterrence in the world will develop," the Russian news network Zvezda reported .
Hillary Clinton and Obama must be so proud of the Russian reset and their deal to transfer control of large portions of nuclear material from the US to Russia.

By making the US weaker they have also made the whole world more vulnerable to Russia aggression.  The Republicans should hammer Hillary Clinton in the results of her diplomacy with Russia.


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