Primary already showed that Trump is mostly immune from attacks

NY Times:

How Much Bad Press Does It Take to Cost Donald Trump a News Cycle?

Mr. Trump repeatedly had to do damage control this week, but the sheer volume of incoming fire seemed to diminish the impact of any of it when it landed.
I spent much of the primaries trying to figure out what motivated Trump voters.  I listen to Rush Limbaugh try to explain it on several occasions.  The he had a call from a guy who finally put it in a way I could understand.  The Trump voters are angry that Republicans and others have not stood up to the liberalism of the Obama administration and the Democrats.

The guy said he might not agree with 80 percent of what Trump was saying, but he felt Trump was a fighter who was not afraid to stand up to the left.  That is why most of the bad press does note effect him.  Trump either counterattacks or changes his position and then ignores the attack.  His voters do not care as long as he will fight.

The point about the sheer volume of the attacks is one that has helped Obama through much of his administration.  His serial screw ups drown out the previous ones so that nothing gains much traction.

BTW, as someone who thinks both Trump and Hillary Clinton are dishonest with the voters, and would make terrible Presidents, I feel no need to defend either.  It is going to be bad for the country, if either is elected.


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