Media using Trump madness for ratings not reporting

Campbell Brown:
Why I Blame TV for Trump

A former cable host says the industry utterly caved to the candidate.
The media moguls have given Trump an unfiltered access to the audience and have forsaken critical thinking or reporting.   While they are doing this for ratings according to Brown, it is having the opposite effect on my own viewing.  I do not find Trump interesting anymore and if he is on, I change the channel rather than just mute him.  I have gone for days not even watching Fox News and its interviewers asking Trump how awesome he is.  Have they ever asked similar questions to Ted Cruz?  If so, I missed it.  They usually ask him about outlandish things Trump is saying about him rather than his policy positions.

This has allowed Trump to cowardly avoid not only tough questions from real journalists but also avoid having to debate Cruz in a forum that would expose his obvious weaknesses.  If they noticed their viewership in decline, it's me.


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