Left learns that war is not always a choice

NY Times:

An Unexpected Legacy for Obama:
2 Full Terms at War

President Obama, who ran as an antiwar candidate, has now been at war longer than any other American president.
Obama's lack of understanding of warfare has led him into major screwups in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  His retreat from Iraq led to the rise of ISIL and a more venal form of radical Islam than even al Qaeda.  It will go down as one of the dumbest war decisions in the history of the US.  In Afghanistan, his pullback of US forces has allowed the Taliban to come back to life and threaten the Afghan government.  Obama will be remembered as one of the worst wartime Presidents ever.  The man does not understand warfare and has remained willfully ignorant on the subject.

He has deliberately weakened the US forces to the point where they would be hard pressed to deal with any major threat.


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