Jake Tapper refutes Trump tabloid claim that Cruz's father was seen with JFK assassin

The Hill:
Tapper called the report "bizarre" and "completely uncorroborated."

"And I use the term report loosely," he said.

Tapper said the tabloid, which endorsed Trump and is run by a friend of his, has been running "smear after smear against Cruz and his family."

He said there is no proof that the photo featured in the tabloid is Cruz's father, and the Cruz campaign denied it.

When Trump called into "Fox and Friends" on Tuesday morning, he took issue with the fact the nobody had been talking about the link between Cruz's father and Oswald — but Tapper tried to make it clear that it isn't talked about because it isn't true.

"I cannot believe I need to say the following but here goes," Tapper said Tuesday.

"There is no corroborated evidence that Ted Cruz's father ever met Lee Harvey Oswald or for that matter, any other presidential assassin. We in the media don't talk about it because there's no evidence of it."

On the other hand, before the picture was taken, Tapper said, Rafael Cruz's sister was "brutally beaten by Castro forces and Rafael Cruz had denounced the regime. So any suggestion that Cruz's father played a role in the Kennedy assassination is ridiculous and frankly shameful," he said. "That's not an anti-Trump position or a pro-Cruz position, it's a pro-truth position."
The episode is more evidence of Trump's lack of integrity and character.

NBC News also discussed Trump's long history of conspiracy theories.  Someone like this is too unstable to be the President fo the US.


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