ISIL tries to infiltrate Mecca

Saudi security operation kills Islamic State fighters outside Mecca

Saudi security forces shot dead two alleged Islamic State fighters and two others blew themselves up outside the holy city of Mecca on Thursday, the interior ministry said.

"The terrorists fired upon security forces requiring them to respond in kind to neutralize the threat, leading to the killing of two and the death of two others who blew themselves up with explosive belts," the ministry said in a statement.

State-owned Al-Arabiya TV reported that the security forces surrounded the group in the Wadi Noman area south of the city, showing images of police trucks mounted with machine guns around a walled compound.
Saudi intelligence is usually pretty good and that was apparently the case in this situation.  It does point out the ambitions of ISIL in attacking outside the area it controls.  The group is a threat to launch terrorist attacks anywhere in the world.


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