Iran becomes more oppressive after Obama deal

Washington Times:
Iran’s moral police infiltrate society as Obama outreach fails to reform Islamist rule

Iran plans to spread its notorious Basij militia into nearly every aspect of life, from villages to schools to sports clubs to factories, in a sign that the Washington-Tehran nuclear deal has not led to reforms in the 36-year-old Islamic revolution.

The Basij has been thought of as an urban force designed to suppress any uprising but now is receiving broad approval to set up units nationwide.

A report by the U.S. Army’s foreign military studies office at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, said that pushing the Basij deeper into Iranian society may mean the ruling Shiite mullahs plan to strictly enforce Islamic law.
They sometimes act as sex cops and enforcers of fashion such as the ridiculous requirement that women hide their hair to keep the "sex rays" from tempting men with poor impulse controls.  It is one of the quirks of some Islamic societies that men are not responsible for their acts of aggression toward women.  They see hair and lose control of their libido.


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