Human Rights Act puts UK at risk of terrorists who cannot be deported

Sunday Telegraph:
Six Algerian terror suspects with links to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda are to be allowed to stay in Britain after the Home Secretary admitted defeat in a ten-year legal battle to deport them.

The move follows a challenge under the Human Rights Act which found that the men were at risk of torture if they were deported to Algeria.

The Telegraph understands that Theresa May will not appeal against a decision by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC), effectively granting them the right to live in the UK.

It is a major blow to the Government’s counter-terrorism policy and the Home Office’s ability to deport terror suspects to countries with dubious human rights records.

The cost of keeping the suspects under surveillance could be as high as £10 million a year.

The failed legal action to deport them – described in court as “by any standards, exceptionally long and fraught” – is likely to have cost at least a further £1 million.

The men, all alleged to have links to al-Qaeda, are deemed a threat to national security. One is linked to a UK terror plot while another is said to be a leading organiser for plots overseas who had “direct links” to bin Laden.

Another is alleged to be an associate of Abu Hamza, the radical preacher serving a jail sentence in the US for terrorism.
The Brits are stuck with the terrorist at great expense because of their compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights.  The European Court of Human Rights would have enforced the same bad ruling.  They are putting the rights of terrorist above the rights of law abiding citizens who are put at risk and great expense to take care of these bad people.  The law needs to be rewritten to do away with this travesty, and those who consider engaging in terrorist acts should be told that if they do they will be deported to much less pleasant locations.

They should also consider sending these people to Gitmo or a similar detention facility on say the Falkland Islands.


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