GOP looking for transcripts of Hillary's secret speeches to big business

The Hill:
Republican operatives are scouring the country for transcripts, notes or secret recordings of Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to Goldman Sachs in hopes of finding damaging material for the general election.

Clinton has rebuffed calls from Bernie Sanders to release the transcripts of her three speeches to the Wall Street giant, which she delivered in 2013 to the tune of $225,000 per appearance. She has repeatedly said she will release the transcripts of her paid speeches when all the presidential candidates agree to do so.

Republican opposition researchers have taken matters into their own hands, aggressively seeking any information about the speeches, including from Goldman employees who were in the room.
Ian Prior, the communications director for the well-funded Republican group American Crossroads, said information about the Goldman Sachs speeches could prove cataclysmic for the Democratic Party.

Finding and releasing the transcripts “would be a heck of a way to outflank Hillary on her left [in a general election] and stop Bernie’s supporters from voting for her,” he said.

“Just mail the Goldman Sachs transcripts to every Bernie supporter. There’s your targeted mail program right there."
The secretive millionaire  has kept a tighter grip on the speech transcripts than she did on national security emails while she was Secretary of State.  It is not clear to me she is doing so because she was saying things that would not help her politically or because she was giving the same speech over and over and getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing it.


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