Democrats begin to notice that Hillary is a weak candidate

Washington Post:
Clinton’s allies worry weaknesses could erode her campaign

To counter challenges like her poor showings with women and her likability ratings, Hillary Clinton is relying on the prospect that Donald Trump's flaws are even greater but advisers are also working to soften her stiff public image.
Both candidates have high negatives because they earned them.  They are both terrible candidates.

Trump appears to be making a head-on attack on her previous strength as a victim of Bill's peccadilloes.   He may be successful at tying Hillary to past efforts to shut down complaints of women who feel abused by Bill.

Hillary Clinton also has weaknesses that tie directly to the job of the President.  Her handling of Libyan policy and Benghazi in particular, demonstrate a dangerous incompetence in the area of foreign policy.  Her mishandling of classified material makes her a danger to national security.


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