Conservatives planning to pick up the pieces from the coming Trump debacle

Washington Examiner:
Less than 24 hours after Donald Trump cleared the Republican field and became the presumptive nominee, anti-Trump Republicans have started looking past the 2016 election entirely.

"My working assumption is that [Trump] won't only lose, but that he'll lose badly and will take down the ticket, and will lose lots of seats all over the country" said Rick Tyler, Cruz's former communications director. "Reporters are going to stick microphones in people's faces on a daily basis asking 'what do you think Mr. Trump meant by this today and do you agree with it.' You can't get away from it. You can't distance yourself from it."

Initial chatter has centered around two names, the two who finished Place and Show behind Trump: Cruz and Marco Rubio, the latter of which finished ahead of John Kasich in delegates despite dropping out nearly two months before him. While both have their redeeming qualities, they both have drawbacks.

"I think you'd have to give the advantage to Cruz, unless someone emerges that I'm not thinking about. I don't know who that would be," Tyler told the Examiner Tuesday before Cruz quit the race later that night, arguing that his campaign was exactly what the doctor ordered for victory in a non-Trump year.
There is more.

Rubio is also expected to be a player in future campaigns.  As noted below, Cruz ran the best campaign and is likely to keep some of the organizational strength together for 2020.


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