California's bullet train to bankruptcy has more problems getting on track

Michael Barone:
California's "High-Speed" Rail boondoggle: Getting worse all the time
Among its many problems:
The fact that no airline currently offers nonstop service from either Bakersfield or Fresno, its larger neighbor to the north, to San Jose suggests that the demand for high-speed service over this stretch is severely limited.
Another point: As McQuillen and Park point out, the High-Speed Rail folks have abandoned the original plans for dedicated track from San Jose to San Francisco and from Los Angeles to Anaheim.

Genuine high-speed rail, like Japan's Shinkansen (which was opened in 1964) and France's TGV, requires dedicated track. Otherwise, the trains have to slow down so they won't run into commuter or freight trains on the same track.

So instead of the promised two hours and 50 minutes to get from downtown Los Angeles to downtown San Francisco, the "high-speed" train is going to take about four hours.
There is more.

Planes look like a better means of transportation at this point.  Hot rodding 19th-century technology does not appear to be the answer to transportation issues.   It is extremely costly and mired in practical problems.

Meanwhile California is allowing its highway infrastructure to crumble.


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