Blacks hurt most by Democrat housing policies

Washington Post:
‘This can’t happen by accident’

Predominantly African American areas have been the least likely to recover from the housing crisis, even in neighborhoods such as those in suburban Atlanta in which black families make six-figure incomes.
Blacks were one of the primary victims of the Community Reinvestment Act which forced banks to loan to unqualified borrowers.  Their neighborhoods became disproportionately hurt by the housing debacle that followed this failed policy.  It is more than sad that the Obama administration continues to push this failed policy on unsophisticated borrowers.  The failure rate has a cascading effect on the other houses in the neighborhood and that is why upper-income blacks in those neighborhoods have not seen the value of their investment increase.

It is typical of Democrat politicians to never take responsibility for the messes they create and to look for scapegoats elsewhere.  They need to look in  the mirror on this one.  Lowering borrowing standards does people no favor.


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