A study of radical Islam is actually a good idea

NY Times:

Rudolph Giuliani Praises Donald Trump’s Proposed Commission on ‘Radical Islam’

Mr. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, said Wednesday night that a commission on “radical Islam” was “a good step,” and did not rule out the possibility of leading it if Mr. Trump asked him to.
After the way the Obama administration has so botched the war being waged against the US by radical Islamists it is a good idea to refocus the effort on who the enemy is and the religious bigotry that animates his efforts.   The media and the Obama administration are quick to call those who oppose radical Islam bigots, but they overlook the obvious fact that from bin Laden and 9-11 all the attacks against the US by Muslims are motivated by their own religious bigotry.

The screening process for immigrants should also test their commitment to religious bigotry and whether they are open to a pluralistic society in the US.


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