Will California and New York export more of their small businesses to Texas?

Brandon Morse:
Minimum Wage Hikes Will Send Blue State Refugees To Texas

It doesn’t just hurt the customer, it also hurts the business, and I don’t mean corporations. Those who really suffer are the mom and pops, and small time franchise owner. As Robert Mayfield, a Dairy Queen franchise owner in Austin since 1976 told CNNMoney “”I’ll have to raise my prices on hamburgers and cokes and cones and people who supply me will raise prices on hamburger meat and other supplies. The people making more money from minimum wage are going to find inflation is going to offset any meaningful gains.”
The minimum wage is especially harmful to minority youth whose unemployment number rise significantly with every raise int he minimum wage.  Liberals are trying to turn entry level jobs into a career job, and in the process hurting the most vulneralble trying to take a step onto the employment ladder.


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