When will Muslims deal with their role in the slave trade?

NY Times:

Georgetown Confronts Its Role in Nation’s Slave Trade

In 1838, the Jesuit priests who ran the country’s top Catholic university needed money to keep it alive. Now comes the task of making amends.
Have you noticed that Muslims are never asked to make amends for their role in the slave trade?  The very word "slave" is derived from the Slavs who lived in Eastern Europe and were targeted by the Muslim Turks for slaves along with other Europeans who were captured and taken as slaves all along the Mediterrian.

Towns and villages were raided and sacked and inhabitants were taken way by the Muslim raiders.  Many were chained to the oars of the Turkish galleys where they stayed until they died and were thrown overboard.

The US fight with the Barbary pirates was tied to their capture of US merchant ships where sailors were forced into slavery.  Even the African slave trade involved Muslims selling the slaves.

At some point, it is time to move on and not dwell on the unfortunate circumstances that borough some people here.  You do not hear the Jews asking for reparations from Egypt for their enslavement.  They have found a way to make a better life for themselves in an environment much more hostile than that faced by the descendants of African slaves.


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