Voters rejecting Trump's act

The Hill:
More voters are beginning to view Donald Trump negatively. Seven in 10 people — including nearly half of Republican voters — have an unfavorable view of the GOP front-runner, according to a new Associated Press/GfK poll.

The numbers come after a particularly bad few weeks for the presidential candidate that included controversial comments on abortion and his campaign manager facing a battery charge.

The 70 percent unfavorable rating compares to a January survey conducted by Gallup that showed 6 in 10 voters viewed the tycoon unfavorably.

Those feelings stretched across most demographics and political leanings, the AP poll finds.

A majority of men and women, young and old voters, and conservatives, moderates and liberals all share a negative view of the tycoon.

The majority of whites, Hispanics and blacks also share those views, the poll shows.
He is also viewed unfavorably in the South despite his wins in primaries in those states.  Other than that there is not much here for Trump to spin, so he is likely to slam the poll as "unfair."  That seems to be his mantra when things do not go his way.


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