Trump's 'stolen election' BS

Leon Wolf:
How Trump’s Dimwitted Outrage Peddlers are Fomenting Violence

I don’t think I’m going out on much of a limb here when I say that the average Donald Trump supporter does not really understand the delegate allocation process. And, really, who can blame them when it’s clear that Donald Trump himself does not understand the delegate allocation process.

Nothing whatsoever has transpired thus far that is not completely within the rules, and yet Trump has convinced his followers that the election is somehow being “stolen” from them. See, the handful of people on team Trump who have two brain cells to rub together know that intimidation of GOP delegates is the last play they have, and they know that the best way to do that is to whip a bunch of angry, loud, profane people (who will unironically be waving signs proclaiming themselves the “silent” majority) into a frenzy.

So every time Trump loses delegates under the rules because his campaign sucks and is run by incompetents (which were hired by the Incompetent-in-chief himself, Donald Trump), they ratchet up the rhetoric even further.
There is more.

Trump is the only major candidate whose nominations strategy relies on whining rather than doing he hard work of delegate selection.  It is more than ironic that he is complaining that Ted Cruz is a better deal maker than he is.


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