Trump's embarrassing attacks on Colorado voting

Donald Trump is a monumental incompetent. There is no kinder way of putting it. His name, in business is associated with an excess of hype followed by abject failure and bankruptcy. He is the poster child for the small-handed rich kid, who, being born on third base, trips over his own shoelaces, does a faceplant, and then demands to be given credit for a home run because he really could have done it if things had gone the way he wanted.

His campaign is in crisis. He has divided his campaign staff into warring tribes that spend more time fighting each other for butt-kissing festivals with Trump than they do trying to run a national primary campaign. He is at the point where he needs a run of amazing luck to win the nomination on the first ballot and he has proved singularly inept a wrangling delegates to achieve that goal.

So Donald Trump does what he does best. He whines. He mewls. He snivels. He befouls himself and rubs it in his hair in rage. You really need to read this op-ed to appreciate what kind of a sniveling, cringing coward Donald Trump becomes in the face of adversity.
Some have called this flawed response to his failed campaign in Colorado "winning by losing."  But does he seriously think that this kind of response to people he would need to carry the state in November is going to help him if he gets the nomination?  I doubt it.


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