Trump voters supporting establishment in down ballot races?

Erick Erickson:
Trump’s voters tell us America has gone off the rails. They tell us that America is no longer great and they want to make it great again. They tell us the problem is Washington. They tell us the problem is both parties. They finger the Republican Establishment in Washington as chief instigator of all the problem along with Barack Obama. The two are collaborators on tearing down America.

They are going to stand with Trump to make America great again. They are going to clean up Washington.

But they aren’t.

There have been a series of primary challenges thus far in states with Republican challengers targeting incumbent Republican establishment members. And all of them are losing. The Trump voters are either voting for Trump and ignoring down ballot races (a warning sign for November with Trump as the nominee) or they are voting for the very establishment incumbents they think are harming America.

On top of that, they are assailing the conservative organizations that have been beating incumbent establishmentarians. The Club for Growth, Heritage Action for America, Madison Project, Senate Conservative Fund, Freedom Works, etc. have all been fighting incumbents and have all been pushing pro-freedom conservative challengers. But because they are not down with Trump explicitly or in some cases are outright opposed, the Trump voters have labeled these groups establishment.

At the end of the day we are left with a deep irony within Trump voters’ views. The groups most likely to fight the establishment Republicans who Trump voters hate are being labeled as establishment for also opposing Trump. So we’re left with the actual Republican Establishment and Trump voters working together to shut out conservative reformers who are championing the very causes Trump voters claim they believe in.
I have never thought Trump was a rational choice so it is not that surprising that his voters are not rational when it comes to "fighting the establishment."   For them, the "establishment" is just a convenient pejorative they use for anyone who disagrees with them.


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