Trump, the organized candidate?

Caleb Howe:
BA HA HA: Trump’s ‘Best People’ Accidentally Tell His Supporters To Vote for Cruz Delegates (Breaking!)

...We’ve already reported several times here at RedState how bad Trump’s organization is blowing it in Colorado, but believe it or not, they still managed to make things worse. They told their people to vote for Cruz people. Seriously.

See, the delegate ballot consists of numbers, with each number corresponding to a delegate. The campaigns, as campaigns do, hand out literature telling their people who to vote for by listing which numbers to pick. This is so they can get solid or pledged delegates sent to the national convention. The problem for Trump is that they put down some of the wrong numbers. In fact, their recommendations included Cruz pledged delegates.
He will have a hard time blaming 'Cruz for this screw-up, but he has shown himself to be a guy who does not take responsibility for mistakes so don't be surprised if he comes up with a conspiracy theory.

Trump also lost delegates in South Carolina to either Cruz or uncommitted.


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