Trump joins the sore losers club

Caleb Howe:
Wisconsin Loser Donald Trump Issues Loser Statement On Losing
This statement, which has to be read to be believed demonstrates that Trump lacks the emotional maturity to be President.   He sounds as whiny as a five-year-old or a Middle School bully with a busted lip.
Also, yes, he flat out accused Cruz of illegal activity. No evidence is needed, as we’ve seen countless times from the Trump campaign. Donald is a believer in the big lie and uses the principle relentlessly. It seems to fool plenty enough people most of the time, although not, apparently, in Wisconsin.

Trump is classy you guys. Except when he’s not. Which is all the time. But if you think he’s a sore loser, go check out the special group of rabid, frothy-mouthed lunatic fringe fans he has on Twitter. Not the normals. The special ones. It’s a spectacle.
If you value your sanity you should probably pass on the Twitter feed,  It is where the low functioning insult artist hang out with some of the most vile and profanity-laced messages you are likely to ever see.   They are the people who think expletives make them sound smart.


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