Trump has a unique ability to sew strife in conservative movement

Erick Erickson:
I read this piece at the Blaze about Greg Gutfield’s statement on how Trump has disrupted relationships at Fox (one of my employers).

“You can look at our network at a whole … where we are having issues over a family of anchors within this stuff,” Gutfeld continued. “You can look at the party. Every area where there is conservatism, there is strife. And I just remember the good old days where we could all unite against the hatred for Obama. … But somehow Trump has shattered that. And now we are sitting here grappling with this internal strife and we have no way of getting out of this.”

I would just note that this is a uniquely Trump phenomenon. It did not exist in 2008. It did not exist in 2012. It does not exist in 2016 with any candidate except Trump.

That should, in a world of common sense, indicate Trump is uniquely unsuitable to unite various factions for victory. Instead, you have contributors on Fox calling other contributors on Fox “traitors” for not supporting Trump.
When Trump first entered the race, he was somewhat interesting and different.  Now he is just different in a bad way.  It is hard to comprehend how many otherwise thoughtful people have been seduced by his mania.  I find myself turning off Trump supporters and tuning out Trump bloggers.  To read Twitter these days you have to wage through some of the most vile and insulting material I have seen in recent years outside of the left wing blogs during the Bush years.  It is not surprising there is a #NeverTrump movement.

The Democrats could not have picked a choice for the Republicans more likely to help liberalism and set back conservativism if they tried.


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