Trump conceding Wyoming to Cruz?

Donald Trump's presidential campaign has all but thrown in the towel in Wyoming ahead of Saturday's Republican convention.

The billionaire businessman's campaign made a conscious decision not to commit resources to Wyoming, according to Alan Cobb, a senior Trump adviser.

Trump picked up only a single delegate in last month's Wyoming county conventions while rival Ted Cruz scored nine. There are 14 more delegates at stake at this weekend's state convention.

In a telephone interview with The Associated Press from the convention site in Casper, Cobb said Friday that he expects Cruz to sweep what remains of the 29 delegates up for grabs in the Wyoming convention.

"This process is favorable toward party-insider folks," Cobb said. "When you don't have a vote of the people, it just favors (Cruz)."

While Cruz' campaign has been working for months lining up support among the Wyoming's GOP insiders, Trump's campaign has limited mobilization in the state, and the candidate has not spent any time campaigning there. Cruz is scheduled to attend Saturday's convention.

The state party's arcane system of allocating delegates through county meetings followed by the state convention doesn't favor the disorganized.
Trump again allows his inflexibility in delegate selection contests to take him out of the running.  Look for more whining when he loses.


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