Trump backers are making threats against state officials of the GOP in jurisdictions were he has lost

Washington Examiner:
When asked if he had a message to his supporters who are threatening violence, Trump dodged the question.

"Well, they're having really big problems in Colorado," Trump replied. "They went, they saw that I joined the race, and after I joined the race they said let's change it."

The chairman of the Colorado Republican Party has said he has fielded death threats because of some voters' anger that many of the state's delegates went to Cruz. Similar problems are happening elsewhere, including in Indiana, where state police are reportedly investigating threats against Indiana delegates who are critical of Trump.
It is interesting for a campaign that has alleged "Gestapo" tactics to be engaged in "Brownshirt" intimidation efforts.  He appears to be trying to cover his incompetence with petulant claims that he was not treated fairly when the same rules that applied to him applied to others.


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