The liberals war on women and little girls

Clarice Feldman:
To accommodate the perceived wishes of a very small number of people, the federal government and many states are placing women and girls at risk of rape and assault in restrooms.

There are about a mere 700,000 transgender individuals in the U.S., or 0.3% of the adult population. As John Hinderaker correctly notes -- that makes them almost as rare as unicorns.
To signal their belief that the transgendered have more rights than women and girls who want to be free of assault, rape, and child molestation when at their most vulnerable, the governors of New York and Minnesota, responded by banning nonessential travel state employee travel to that state. (One wonders why they just didn’t ban all non-essential out of state travel, but that would be too fiscally responsible, I suppose.) PayPal cancelled a planned center in Charlotte. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was one of several high-profile tech CEOs who signed a letter to Republican Gov. Pat McCrory calling on him to repeal the legislation.
Powerline’s Hinderaker concludes, “There was a time when, if you had said that one of our major political parties would someday consider it a vital civil right that men be allowed to use women’s bathrooms, people would have thought you were nuts. They would have been right.”
The liberals pushing this agenda are hypocrites.  Many of the companies barring travel to North Carolina and other states with potty protection laws do business in countries that criminalize the conduct and some even invoke the death penalty, yet they are not barring travel to their busses in those countries,  Indeed, PayPal has its headquarters in Singapore where homosexuality is a crime.


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