The fracking phobic left pushes their agenda on Democrats

NY Times:

‘Fractivists’ Increase Pressure on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in New York

Climate change has especially inspired grass-roots progressives upstate, who fought — and won — a yearslong battle against fracking for natural gas.
At best these people are just paranoid.  Fracking for natural gas has actually reduced CO2 emissions  by replacing coal.  Fracking has also lowered the cost of fuel and created jobs.  Without the economy would be worse off than it has been.  Their success in pushes the bogus fears about fracking is somewhat remarkable, but they are a threat to the US economy, and ignorant of the consequences of their agenda.

As I have noted before, Wind and solar cannot create the petrochemicals which are the basis for plastics and related products.  They cannot be used to create Aluminum, or steel either.  In other words, you could not create the materials that go into an electric car with alternative energy.  You cannot create fertilizer or run farm equipment with alternative energy.  The government has wasted billions on alternative energy projects that have not worked.

Like other aspects of the global warming movement, the anti-frackers base their arguments on fear rather than science.


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