The evils of jihadism also hit moderate Muslim families

NY Times:

Hard Choices for Those With Children Drawn to Terrorism

Hoping for an intervention, Sal Shafi cooperated with the government when his son showed warning signs of radicalization. A year later, his son was in handcuffs, facing 20 years in prison.
Jihadism is a disease within Islam which is raging out of control of the moderates and they seem as unable to stop it as the Obama administration is.  It does raise new questions about the wisdom of inviting more refugees into the country.

The jihad insurgency will require more than is currently being done and it will also require more intelligence operations within the Muslim community to root out threats to it and to the rest of the world.  Ted Cruz was right about that, but he is being opposed by the willfully ignorant and bogus claims of Islamaphobia which is a made up disease meant to thwart criticism of  jihadism


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