The Colorado delegate fight is on and Trump and Kasich are largely AWOL

Moe Lane:
Normally this would be of academic interest in a Presidential election, but these are not normal times. So it’s of note that the Colorado GOP reported today that, of the almost 600 candidates being considered for the statewide delegate positions, 60% were uncommitted, 30% supported Ted Cruz, 7% supported Donald Trump, and 2% supported John Kasich. If this holds true for the CD delegate candidates, it suggests three things: one, a lot of people in Colorado are expecting a contested convention in Cleveland this year. Two, Ted Cruz has been and will be doing the grunt work to get delegates committed to him going to the convention (he’s already committed to speak at the CO GOP state convention next week). Three, Trump… has apparently not done the grunt work. And neither has Kasich, but we kind of knew that already.
None of this will stop Trump from claiming that someone is stealing his delegates.


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