Terror suspect seen in video with bombers is caught

Fox News:
Arrested terror suspect Mohamed Abrini has been positively identified as the “man in the hat” wanted in connection with the bombing last month at the Brussels Airport, Belgian prosecutors said Saturday.

The Federal Prosecutor's Office in Brussels said Abrini confessed to being the third man present at Brussels Airport during the March 22 suicide bombings there.

Authorities have been frantically seeking the "man in the hat" ever since he was captured on video alongside the two bombers just before the airport attack that killed 16 people.

Belgian authorities recently released more footage of the man leaving the airport in the wake of the bombings, walking down sidewalks and past a hotel.

Abrini was arrested Friday in Brussels in a police raid. The prosecutor's office said Saturday that Abrini "confessed his presence at the crime scene" after being confronted by investigators.

“He explained having thrown away his (explosive) vest in a garbage bin and having sold his hat afterward,” the prosecutor’s office said.

Abrini was one of four suspects charged Saturday with "participating in terrorist acts" linked to the deadly Brussels suicide bombings that killed 32 people and wounded 270 others at the airport and at the city's Maelbeek subway station.
The story does not explain to whom he sold the famous hat or why anyone would want to buy it since it was clearly tied to the bombing search.  It is also interesting that he like some other suspects did not go through with being a human bomb.  That should be an interesting source of inquiry for the police.  Abrini also traveled to Britain to meet with others in a potential plot.  Identifying who he met with in Birmingham, England should also be a top priority for investigators.


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