Sen. Grassley talks about how the Supreme Court has been politicized

"The confirmation process has gotten political precisely because the court itself has drifted from the constitutional text and rendered decisions based instead on policy preferences ... the chief justice is part of the problem," Grassley said.

"He would be well served to address the reality, not the perception, that too often there is little difference between the actions of the court and the actions of the political branches," Grassley added. "So, physician, heal thyself."
That Roberts is being quoted regarding the politicization of the nomination process also rankles Republicans unhappy with his tenure. He sided with liberal justices to uphold Obamacare in 2012, then voted again last year to beat back another challenge to the Affordable Care Act. The court also voted to make same-sex marriage legal nationwide under Roberts' watch, although the chief justice wrote the dissent in the case.
"It was a mistake when he was appointed to the Supreme Court," Cruz said at the CNN Reagan Library debate last September. "He's a good enough lawyer that he knows in these Obamacare cases he changed the statute, he changed the law in order to force that failed law on millions of Americans for a political outcome.

"And, you know, we're frustrated as conservatives," Cruz added. "We keep winning elections, and then we don't get the outcome we want."
Roberts has certainly been a disappointment in many cases.  I get the impression he feared political ramifications from Obama more than an adherence to the constitution.  He was more like a lawyer trying to negotiate a compromise than a Justice doing his job.


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