Obama's over reliance on special ops

Washington Post:

The U.S. military’s support work such as “combat advising” has become more important as the Obama administration has scaled back the direct combat role of American troops overseas. But the strategy has done little to improve security in areas with deep political and economic problems.
Special ops is one part of the combined operations needed to defeat the enemy, but it cannot do it alone.  When used in coordination with land, sea and air power it is an effective force to destroy the enemies ability to fight.  It can even help indigenous forces fight as it did in the early days of the war with the Taliban.  But under Obama, it has become a training force that occasionally is allowed to engage in raids against the enemy.

To defeat the enemy you need combined arms operations that include ground forces backed by artillery, air power,  and armor.  That is the element that is missing and Obama has done more than the enemy to eviscerate the US fighting force needed to engage the enemy.


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