North Carolina paper suppressed back ground of predator who pushed bathroom ordinance

Daily Caller:
Yesterday, Breitbart News posted a story exposing what some of us already knew: A registered sex offender named Chad Sevearance has been leading the charge that would make Charlotte bathrooms potential venues for sexual predators. In the guise of an LGBT activist, Sevearance has been frequently quoted by the Charlotte Observer as an advocate for the recently passed Charlotte ordinance that will allow bathrooms to be open to any and all genders. The ordinance is scheduled to go into effect on April 15.
As early as Feb. 8, a group revealed to the public that Sevearance, who has led the fight to get this ordinance passed, was a registered sex offender who clearly has ulterior motives. This seemed to be direct confirmation that open bathrooms are not only a violation of public comfort and security but pose a potential danger to the most vulnerable among us – women and children. For the lead advocate to himself be a convicted child molester is just the latest verification of these concerns.
The Charlotte Observer, a publication that has consistently championed the proposed ordinance, knew about Sevearance’s predatory past for several weeks. Not only were press releases sent containing this information, but follow up calls were made directly to multiple reporters on staff. (See images)
The violation of their readers’ trust is clear. And the journalistic integrity is absent. The reporters at the Charlotte Observer didn’t just turn a blind eye, they covered up the truth.
Liberals suppressing the news inconvenient to their agenda presents a case of ethical failure.  No profiles in courage for this crew.


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