Muslim media more realistic about Islamic terrorist than Obama is

Israel National News:
Saudi TV host: Time to face facts, terrorists are Muslims

Saudi journalist rips into 'hypocritical' clerics who encourage Jihad, then claim terrorists have nothing to do with Islam.

A Saudi Arabian TV host has urged Muslims to face up to the fact that Islamic terrorists are indeed Muslims, and do more to combat the phenomenon instead of denying it.

In a rare - and scathing - moment of introspection for an Arab TV host, Nadine Al-Budair insisted no one should be surprised that Islamist terrorists had emerged from "our schools and universities."

"Whenever terrorism massacres peaceful civilians, the smart alecks and the hypocrites vie with one another in saying that these people do not represent Islam or Muslims," she said in her monologue on Rotana Khalijiyya TV, which was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

"Perhaps one of them could tell us who does represent Islam and the Muslims," she suggested sardonically.
There is more.

Obama has this weird belief that if you speak the truth about the source of Islamic terrorism it will alienate peaceful Muslims.  He must have a low opinion of their cognitive abilities.   Al-Budair gets it right.


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