More disorganization surface for the Trump campaign

Conservative Review:
Trump Kids Can't Vote for Dad

Yesterday, CR reported that the deadline to change party registration for registered voters in New York State was in October of last year.
Strict voter registration rules for New York's primary could end up badly hurting Donald Trump. Voters previously unaffiliated with a political party were required to register with a party before Oct. 9th of last year in order to vote in this year's primary.
These rules mean that at least two of Donald Trump's four adult children will be unable to vote for their father in New York on April 19th. Yahoo News recently reported, that Ivanka and Eric Trump are not registered in a political party in New York State.
That tells you something about the families' commitment to the Republican party.  They seem to be making Ted Cruz's point about New York values.   If this were a red state the Democrats would be complaining about voter suppression with the registration requirements so distant from the voting dates.


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