Military prepares for war with Russia

The Secret U.S. Army Study That Targets Moscow

A quarter century after the Cold War, the Pentagon is worried about Russia’s military prowess again

Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster has a shaven head and gung-ho manner that only add to his reputation as the U.S. Army’s leading warrior-intellectual, one who often quotes famed Prussian general and military theorist Carl Von Clausewitz. A decade ago, McMaster fought a pitched battle inside the Pentagon for a new concept of warfare to address the threat from Islamist terrorists and insurgents in Afghanistan, Iraq and other trouble spots. Now, his new mission is more focused.

Target: Moscow.

POLITICO has learned that, following the stunning success of Russia’s quasi-secret incursion into Ukraine, McMaster is quietly overseeing a high-level government panel intended to figure out how the Army should adapt to this Russian wake-up call. Partly, it is a tacit admission of failure on the part of the Army — and the U.S. government more broadly.
There is much more.

McMaster is one of the better generals in recent years and is known as a student of the art of war who can readily quote from military classics like On War.

Russia has made significant gains in munitions and the strength of its battle tanks and it hybrid war strategy has made it difficult for NATO to respond, even if the US and its allies wanted to.

The piece is worth reading in full.


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