Media helped Trump spread unfounded charges against Cruz after loss in Wisconsin

Washington Post:
Donald Trump lost badly to Ted Cruz in Wisconsin’s Republican presidential primary Tuesday, but many news outlets awarded a consolation prize by spreading the front-runner’s unfounded accusation that Cruz cheated his way to victory by breaking the law.

Without offering any proof, the Trump campaign said in a statement that Cruz “was coordinating with his own Super PACs (which is illegal), who totally control him.”

It’s no surprise that Trump would take this route. He charged that Cruz stolea win in Iowa (he didn’t) and more recently blamed the Texas senator for a super PAC ad that featured a racy photo of Trump’s wife, Melania. There is no evidence that Cruz was responsible for the ad, just like there is no evidence that he illegally coordinated with any super PAC in Wisconsin.

But instead of contextualizing Trump’s latest wild claim as being part of a pattern, NBC News, Fox News, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and others simply published it uncritically without noting the lack of support for the billionaire’s assertion. The Associated Press included an unfiltered version of the statement in its stream of primary-night updates.
Props to the Post for challenging the dubious charges by the sore loser.  Trump keeps saying he is going to start acting Presidential, but he continues to act like a spoiled middle-schooler who lacks grace or judgment.


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