Marines to the rescue again

Marine Corps Times:
Marines subdue 'berserk' passenger during flight to Japan

When they finally got the man to his seat, he went limp and refused to sit up, Bell said. “So somebody else just yelled: ‘Hey, stop acting silly! Sit up right now so we can put your seatbelt on you!”

After the passenger finally sat up and was fastened into his seat, Bell said one of the Marines warned him to keep quiet as the plane returned to Honolulu.

“He said: ‘Listen buddy; you’re scaring these kids; you’re scaring the people on this plane and you’re scaring the crew. You need to stop. If you don’t stop, this big guy over my shoulder, he’s gonna get you.’

“And the guy looked over his shoulder and he saw me and he said: ‘OK, OK, I’m good now, I’m good.’”
He had put up a head-butting fight after he was controlled with flex cuffs.  The Marines stepped in when the crew was unable to corral the guy who was standing in the aisle shouting threats and saying bizarre things.


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