Making voting fraud hard is a good thing

Washington Post:

The man who advised Mitt Romney on the idea of “self-deportation” and who wrote Arizona’s strict “show me your papers” immigration law is accused of making it harder for minorities to vote. He says it should be easy to vote, but hard to cheat.
I live in a precinct in Texas with a mixed population of whites, blacks, and Hispanics.   I vote in every election and I usually chat with those who look at my voter registration card and photo ID.  I have yet to see or even hear of anyone not being allowed to vote because of the photo ID requirement.  It could be that I have a higher regard for the intelligence and abilities of these groups that make it possible for them to comply with a relatively simple requirement that they already face in numerous other interactions with the government or financial institutions.

In Texas as in most jurisdictions, most cases of voter fraud involve Democrats and I think that has more to do with their opposition to the requirement of a photo ID than any real concern about voter suppression.  The voter suppression argument looks like a bad faith attempt to make it easier for Democrats to cheat.


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