Lightweight bullet proof materiel could saves lives

Christian Science  Monitor:
Engineers are developing new materials with the potential to offer unprecedented protection from bullets and crashes.

Take a new composite metal foam, that absorbs most of the kinetic energy of bullets or other projectiles.

Researchers with North Carolina State and the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Center have combined multiple bullet-stopping materials into a single piece of armor. With a thickness of just 25 millimeters, the armor consists of "ceramics as the strike face, composite metal foam processed by powder metallurgy technique as a bullet kinetic energy absorber interlayer, and aluminum 7075 or Kevlar™ panels as backplates," according to the 2015 study.

The new armor can stop a bullet with a little less than an inch of foam, Afsaneh Rabiei, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at North Carolina State, said in a press statement. The indentation made by a bullet (sized according to standards from the National Institute of Justice) is just 8 millimeters, although the standard allows for an indentation of up to 44 millimeters.
The bullets disentigrate on impact.  The foam could also be used on armored vehicles which would greatly reduce the weigt and improve the performance.


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