Learning to appreciate Ted Cruz

NY Times:

G.O.P. Donors, Eager to Defeat Donald Trump, Learn to Love Ted Cruz

Of all the alliances being forged over opposition to Mr. Trump’s bid for the nomination, few are as unlikely as that of Mr. Cruz and his party’s elite donor establishment.
The donor class has backed some losers this cycle, and they are down to a stark choice between a conservative but sane, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump who is not.  What I find interesting is that Ted Cruz supports most of the Republican agenda and would enact measures that Republicans have won on in landslide elections in 2010 and 2014.  Their earlier objections appear to be based on tactical differences in dealing with Obama's agenda.

Trump continues to display a lack of emotional maturity needed for the office of President.  His supporters appear to be similarly inclined.  They need to help Cruz appeal to the rest of the GOP base.


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