Iran special ops suffers significant casualties in Syria

Jerusalem Post:
Since they were dispatched to Syria to buttress the Assad regime's forces in lethal battles over the northern city of Aleppo in mid-March, Iran's Special Forces have reportedly been suffering heavy casualties.

On Tuesday, the al-Qaida affiliated Nusra Front, which is playing a pivotal role in the fighting that has been taking place in the strategic village of al-Eis in southern Aleppo, released a video purportedly documenting the Iranian forces fleeing from the battlefield.

The video shows Iran's Special Forces, as well as fighters from Lebanese and Iraqi militias who fought alongside them, running away from the war-torn village amid Nusra's intensive bombardment on their positions.

According to unofficial Syrian reports, more than 30 soldiers from Brigade 65, Iran's Special Forces brigade, have been killed since their arrival in Syria, senior commanders among them.

The massive blow to Iran's forces has aroused many revelations of joy among Arab activists on social media networks. A number of them stated that, even though it did not announce this publicly, Iran has sent additional brigades to aid Brigade 65, which is famous for its green berets. Their thesis is based on images of the Iranian fighters who were killed, in which they wore berets in different colors.
Iran has also significant casualties among their military leaders in Syria.  Nevertheless, the casualties have not convinced Iran that their cause in Syria is hopeless.   The attrition could impact their ability to take action elsewhere, though.


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