Democrat and Republican opponents of Trump view him differently

Eli Lake:
Fascist or Con Man: The Dueling Anti-Trump Narratives
Democrats see Trump as an authoritarian fascist.  GOP opponents tend to see him more as a con man.  I think the con man case is more persuasive.  He says a lot of things that are not so with a great deal of confidence.

Even his "Lying Ted" meme is a total con.  There is no evidence that Ted Cruz lied about Ben Carson dropping out of the race after the Iowa caucuses.  His campaign accurately reported what CNN was told by the Carson campaign on his plans after the caucuses.  The inference that was drawn from that statement may not have been correct, but it was not a lie in any sense of the word.  Trump is either being deliberately disingenuous or he does not know the definition of the word lie.  Or, Trump is being a con man.  His low information supporters might be persuaded by his con, but that does not make it so.


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