Cruz sweeps Colorado delegates shutting out Trump

Washington Examiner:
Insurgent Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz swept Colorado's GOP convention Saturday, taking 13 additional delegates to rack up all 37 from the state, according to local reports.

Cruz's superior ground game forces pummeled Republican frontrunner Donald Trump's limited attempts at gaining delegates. The convention in Colorado has made headlines for the Trump campaign's inability to run a conventional operation dependent on traditional political machinations, as opposed to the New York billionaire's overwhelming personality and earned media advantage.

In a speech at the convention Saturday afternoon, Cruz said the momentum that started three weeks ago in Utah is continuing now and he expects to go all the way to the convention in July.
Meanwhile, Trump was making his first appearance at ground zero as he tries to politicize 9-11.   For Cruz to sweep all the delegates should be bigger news.  It will be interesting to see if the New York media notices.


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