Cruz responds to Trump's bogus claims after Wisconsin victory

Weekly Standard:
Ted Cruz accused Donald Trump of saying “anything to try to get elected" and that "truth is not a barrier for him." In an interview with THE WEEKLY STANDARD, Cruz said the Trump campaign's claimthat the Texas senator illegally coordinated with a super PAC was untrue, adding that it fit a pattern of the New York businessman lashing out after losing, as he did Tuesday in the Wisconsin primary.

"Donald has a simple pattern. When he loses, he gets angry. He yells, he screams, he insults, he often curses," said Cruz. But Trump's statement after Tuesday's primary wasn't a mere insult—the campaign claimed without evidence that Cruz and super PACs supporting him had engaged in illegal activity. Cruz denied the charge but stopped short of saying Trump's campaign was lying about it.

"Donald has long demonstrated he will say anything to try to get elected, and truth is not a barrier for him," said Cruz. "He makes absurd statements on a daily basis, and he'll often make multiple contradictory statements."

The supposed coordination to which Trump's campaign referred was likely a set of three rallies in Wisconsin hosted by a pro-Cruz PAC called Keep the Promise. Cruz appeared as a special guest at those rallies, which is not illegal under campaign-finance laws nor prohibited by federal elections rules.

"Ted Cruz is invited to appear and speak at a wide variety of events, and our legal counsel established procedures at the outset of the campaign to ensure that his attendance at any event is handled in a manner consistent with FEC regulations and advisory opinions," said a Cruz campaign spokesperson.

In the interview, Cruz also criticized the "national mainstream media" for their kid-gloves treatment of Trump, suggesting media company executives are friendly to Trump for political purposes.

"The national mainstream media has given $2 billion in free air time to Donald Trump," said Cruz. "The network executives at the major networks are, almost to a person, liberal Democrats. They understand that Donald Trump may be the one person on the face of the planet who can lose a general election to Hillary Clinton."
Another interesting aspect of the bogus charges by the Trump campaign is that many of the networks ran them without any critical analysis or fact checking.  That is another way they are putting their thumb on the scale to support Trump.  When challenged on evidence for the charges, the Trump campaign spokesman could offer none.


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