Cruz looking for votes in a liberal wasteland in New York

NY Times:
Donald J. Trump spoke on Wednesday at a campaign rally at Grumman Studios in Bethpage, on Long Island.

Donald Trump’s Rivals Home In on New York, Hoping to Bruise Him

The fight will be waged in places like the Bronx, where Ted Cruz’s team believes its organization can yield delegates in areas with few Republicans.
There is a reason why New York leads the country along with California in people leaving for red states.  The high tax, high regulation model makes it hard to make a living or keep much of what you earn.  If they find conservatives in New York, it is probably at the offices of National Review, in the city but I suspect Cruz will find greater opportunities in upstate New York where the people have been screwed by the government restrictions of fracking while they can see prosperity across the border in Pennsylvania.

They are paying a high price for the fracking phobia of liberals.


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